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Guiding Concepts A - Z

Here you can find all Guiding Concepts in alphabetical order.

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1Biomedical Perspective
(Peter Franzkowiak)
2Child Protection and Disease Prevention / Health Promotion
(Tanja Jungmann)
3Ethics in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
(Joseph Kuhn, Manfred Wildner)
4Evidence-Based Health Promotion
(Thomas Elkeles, Ursel Broesskamp-Stone)
5Health Education
(Beate Blättner)
6Health Promoting University
(Thomas Hartmann, Ute Sonntag)
7Health Promotion and Integrated Care
(Helmut Hildebrandt, Alf Trojan)
8Health Promotion and Migrant Backgrounds
(Theda Borde, Stephan Blümel)
9Health Promotion and Nursing Care
(Doris Schaeffer)
10Health Promotion and the Healthy / The Social City / The Perspective of Local Politics
(Christa Böhme, Klaus-Peter Stender)
11Health Promotion in Nursery Schools and Child Day-care Centres
(Antje Richter-Kornweitz)
12Health Promotion in Switzerland
(Brigitte Ruckstuhl)
13Health Protection
(Joseph Kuhn, Andreas Böhm)
14Health-Oriented Community Work
(Waldemar Süß, Alf Trojan)
15Initial and Further Education in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
(Beate Blättner, Thomas Hartmann, Kerstin Baumgarten)
16Medical Prevention
(Bernt-Peter Robra)
17Public Health Services and Health Promotion
(Veronika Reisig, Joseph Kuhn)
18Setting Approach
(Rolf Rosenbrock, Susanne Hartung)
19Social Media / Promoting Health through Digital Media
(Stefan Ludwigs, Guido Nöcker)
20Sustainability and Sustainable Health Promotion
(Alf Trojan, Waldemar Süß)

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